Film Facts

The life of silent screen star was a rather complex one. The studio took some dramatic Liberty with his life,but nonetheless turned in a pretty good film. Cagney was excellent as the master of disguise who endured sometimes painful physical makeup to create some interesting characters. Dorothy Malone was in fine form as his first wife cleva. Robert Evans, who would later become one of Hollywood's most successful producers portrayed Irving Thalberg. The film was nominated for an Academy award for it's screenplay .
" As a fascinating and reasonably authentic portrait of Chaney, Cagney's contribution to Man of a Thousand faces is magnificent and surely worthy of Oscar consideration"

E.S.H. Woman's Wear Daily
As Chaney, Cagney gives one of his most notable performances. He has immersed himself so completely in the role that it is difficult to spot any Cagney mannerism"